Hire Samba Celtica for your event

Samba Celtica

Samba is loud, fun, and irresistible to dance to. Samba Celtica are brilliant for carnivals, parties and events where you want to get people up and dancing.

If you're organising a big outdoor event or carnival, or would like something spectacular for a club night or party - our full samba band (up to 30+ players) make an absolutely amazing sound that really adds to the atmosphere of an event. If you're organising a smaller party or an indoor event in a small venue, we can easily arrange for a smaller number of musicians so our sound is still just as awesome, but not quite so loud!

Samba at Miss Peapods in Penryn

We have lots of experience playing samba at many different types of events in and around Cornwall and beyond - we're happy to travel further afield, so send us some details about your plans and we'll come up with something to suit.

Please bear in mind that our samba band tends to get very booked up especially in the summer, so advance booking is recommended! We've already taken a couple of bookings for a year in advance...


Mazey day samba in Penzance

Costs to book Samba Celtica vary. Please get in touch with details of when and where your event is, what type of event it is, how long you'd like us to play for, what sort of performance slot you are looking for (e.g.parading / performing in a designated space), how large the venue is, whether you've got an idea of the number of players you're looking for and whether you have a set budget in mind; and we'll get back to you with an outline of what we can do.

Charity / fundraising gigs

We play a limited number of these gigs per year. Please feel free to get in touch together with some details of your organisation and we'll see if we can help you!

Contact us on sambaceltica@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can